What do you think studying in college is? The majority of people associate it with endless fun, parties, and carefree life. And it’s impossible to say they are completely wrong. Quite the opposite, it’s great that these people positively perceive any stage of life, especially college years. It’s the best time in young people’s lives, but certain aspects can cast a shadow on it. Studying in college is being immersed in science, and, as we all know, science is always complicated. Fortunately, various blogs of researchers, including this one, is a great way to get acquainted with science, research, and everything related to it. Judging by the fact that the majority of students use writing services instead of writing papers alone, they hardly have an idea of how the scientific research is carried. There’s nothing wrong with using experts’ assistance to get a high grade, so don’t blame yourself for it.

Quality research is a vital instrument in understanding the world we live in better. There are many areas of research – chemistry, physics, mathematics, geography, and history, just to name a few. None is more important than others, and although scientists work tirelessly, many questions about our planet remain. Civil conflict, complicated relations between nations, regime changes are crucial areas that researchers work on these days. A nice way to learn more about such topics is by looking for online courses. Online education is a way to satisfy your curiosity while having the freedom to choose what courses you sign up for. Learning should never be boring, and online school will meet your every expectation. You will meet professional teachers that are friendly, helpful, and full of wisdom. Try out a new experience and learn online!

Welcome! I’m a research scientist using skills I developed over eight years in academia to help companies create, systematize, and understand data.

If you are interested in discussing a consulting relationship, please see the “consulting” tab above; or, if you are interested in my archived academic work, please see the “research” tab.

I received my PhD from the University of Texas in 2015, where I was awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Award for the best dissertation filed in the schools of Social Science, Business, and Education. In the past I have been a post-doctoral fellow at the Christopher H. Browne Center for International Politics at the University of Pennsylvania and a Graduate Fellow at the Clements Center for History, Strategy, and Statecraft. I also held a research position at the Innovations for Peace and Development lab at UT, where I was the co-lead of the analytics team.

Please feel free to contact me at mccormackdm [at]