Data — or pieces of information — are everywhere. Increasingly, storage costs have led companies to collect and store more and more data, and computing power has made analysis of these data simpler than ever.

But having the technical ability to analyze data doesn’t always mean you can make your dataset tell you what you need it to. Careful data analysis means translating a question into a research design that can rule out alternative explanations; it means knowing what data can — and can’t — tell you; and it means being able to explain the output in plain language.

I have eight years experience analyzing complex data across a range of issue areas. I can walk you through the most basic descriptive analysis of your data, I can apply sophisticated machine learning to understand textual data, and I can do just about everything in between.

Maybe you aren’t even sure what sorts of data you have sitting around, or how you could systematize your data storage processes to ensure you’re collecting the pieces of information that can answer the questions you care about. I can help with this too.

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